What does the co-driver do?

How important is the role of the co-driver

The co-driver is the most important thing inside the car together with the driver. That cooperation and teamwork and the trust you have to put into them is really important. It has to work. And if that teamwork works well, you can go very, very fast. But trust is the key.

What are pace notes?

What we call pace notes: it's what the co-driver is saying when we are driving. It's actually explaining the road. How fast you can go through the corners, braking points and dangerous places. So that information is the key; you can call them whatever you want - the pace notes - as long as the driver understands it themselves.

Which quality does a co-driver need to have in order to be successful?

First of all, you need to be intelligent. Second thing, he has to be nice. Third thing, you have to read really well and fourth, he has to be light. And fifth, you have to have the same passion as the driver. Because, if you have problems, you have to find the solution together easily. 

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