More than a road trip

More than a road trip 01

Motoring events – in fact, motorsport in general – can often be a predominantly masculine occasion, where men fulfil the stereotypical role behind the wheel, wearing the driving gloves as well as the trousers. But one event this summer will be changing all of that.

On the 9th to the 11th of June V8Rally 2017 will launch. It will appear on the surface to be like many of the other organised motoring tours held through England’s green and pleasant land.  Yet this one has been aimed specifically at female entrants: notably high net worth individuals.

Behind the whole idea is Marchella De Angelis, an innovative entrepreneur accredited for hospitality venues with interesting and quirky aesthetics – including a hotel and a club lounge located in the Cotswolds, an area of rolling hills and natural beauty in England.

Marchella so happens to also have a passion for cars and driving and is no stranger to track days and motoring events. In fact, last year she took a runner-up prize at the Salon Privé International Concours d’Elegance, becoming the first woman to win in this famous competition. 

She believes that more can be done to encourage women to take part in such events and has established V8Rally to draw more women to enjoy the pleasures of motoring. 

More than a road trip 02

Her beloved Cotswolds should offer the perfect setting for the inaugural initiative - Marchella is a woman on a mission.

There will however be more to this rally than driving. You could call it a networking event on wheels, specifically targeting high-achieving women.

Marchella explains: “Our aim has been to create a comfortable and non-competitive experience specifically tailored for women looking to have fun in their cherished cars, but this is as much a social event as it is a motoring one. 

“Via a series of immersive activities aside from driving, our guests will also have countless opportunities to socially and professionally engage with each other.” 

The concept is more than just about equality or simply celebrating the modern woman: there’s a business case too what with the increasingly significant role women play in consumer decision-making. 

Pirelli is among the partners for this event, which represents a perfect fit with its commitment to prestige and the wider target audience it aims to capture. Cars entered include a classic Ferrari 330 GTC, a Porsche 356 Speedster and a Ford Mustang 69.

There will also be a charitable element with the event aiming to raise funds and awareness for Grit & Rock, a charity founded by Masha Gordon - Guinness World Record holder and mountain explorer. The organisation helps teenage girls from deprived backgrounds to develop determination and self-confidence through mountaineering training programme.

Not only is Victory8 set to be great event, but also an innovative trendsetter.

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