Milan Rally Show 2019,
modern and classic versions ready to go

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With special competitions and side events, the 2019 Milan Rally Show will bring the entire city to life. It is no surprise that it is known as the "urban rally", given it manages to bring to life various locations in the city centre and also some symbolic places for cars and motor sport known throughout the world. The stage is Milan, the most international city in Italy and for several decades the capital of car manufacturing. In addition to Pirelli – born and raised in Milan – there are plenty of other companies that have developed here and given life to some legendary brands, some of which have survived over time, others which have now disappeared.

On 15 and 16 June, then, Milan will become a centre for car enthusiasts with a rally that passes not only Milan Cathedral but also the Monza Eni Circuit, bringing the wonderful old speed ring back to life, the San Siro football stadium and Arese, the commune where Alfa Romeo developed into a major business. In total, 50 different modern and classic cars will take part.

In addition to the actual competition, there will also be other opportunities to express your passion for cars. Beginning with the go-karts, the most popular way for new racing car drivers to learn their trade. There will be races at the San Siro, mainly for children who have no driving experience. While for all ages, at the Arese circuit you can make your dreams come true by getting behind the wheel of a Ferrari or Lamborghini test car, accompanied by expert co-pilots who will explain its inner workings and give you some advice on how to drive a super car. Then there are the Legend Cars exhibitions, with legendary single seater racing cars featuring bodywork inspired by the American cars of the 1950s, as well as a parade of muscle cars in stars and stripes at the San Siro.

The side events that form an essential side dish to this celebration of engines include some made for motorbikes. The square outside the San Siro Stadium will become a theatre of freestyle shows from Vanni Oddera and the Daboot team, with jumps of up to 13 metres high and 25 metres in length. Oddera will also offer some moments of motorbike therapy as he takes disabled children in the saddle: "Motorbikes mean freedom, but not everyone is able to ride them. I am trying to make it happen though, because it's such a wonderful thing that should be shared. For children who spend their life in a wheelchair, riding a motorbike is an awesome experience. It doesn't cost me anything: I just give something extra," the rider explained.

Pirelli has been a partner of the event ever since the very first edition, further proof of its genuine passion for rally racing. And, as proof of the effectiveness of Pirelli products, all the competing cars will be fitted with Pirelli tyres. The modern cars will be using P Zero RAs, tyres designed for rally races on tarmac that have shown they are capable of winning ever since their debut last April in the incredibly difficult Tour de Corse, the colourful test of 10,000 corners. The classic cars, on the other hand, will be fitted with the P7 Corsa Classic tyres, the tyre of choice for vintage rallies and one that combines two specific designs, dry slicks and wet treads, restyling and evolving the asymmetric design that characterised the most prestigious UHP Pirelli tyres. Ready for any weather, then. But let's hope for some sun.

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