Mike “The Mechanic” is the star of #24hrsnonstop


Saturday, July 29, 7 a.m.: like all Pirelli mechanics, Mike gets up early to head to the circuit; 24 hours of pure adrenaline were waiting for him. He has travelled from London specifically to take part in one of the most famous endurance races in the world.

At 9 a.m. he is at the circuit. Everyone is looking for him: Bentley and Lamborghini first, followed by the fitting area engineers, his colleagues and many spectators.

The rumour that this special Pirelli mechanic was at Spa-Francorchamps spread fast: “I can't believe it! He is 30 centimetres tall with a focused expression on his face but you can see that he is happy with his job”.

He jumps onto the stack of #Fit4GT tyres, climbs into the McLaren engines of Team Strakka for one last check before starting, and takes a quick nap near the tools of the trade like geniuses are known to do.

Everyone is taking photos of him at work, especially Darryll Jones who accompanied him on the trip from London to Belgium.

This video is a teaser of Mike “The Mechanic”'s epic 24 Hours in Spa.
Do not miss the story told in 24 snapshots because every hour was crucial and well worth being told.

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