Blancpain Gt, at the launch of the championship for virtual drivers

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Driving an official GT3 from the Blancpain GT Series championship? Even if you're not an actual racing car driver, now you can! In selected stages of the world championship of track-adapted production cars it will be possible to try the experience of driving a racing car by taking part in a virtual and parallel championship. The contest will be organised by SRO Motorsports group, patron of the official event, co-sponsor alongside Pirelli, official supplier and working in collaboration with AK Informatica.

At every stage, the participants will challenge each other in the official computer game of the motor racing competition developed by the Italian company Kunos Simulazioni. The competitors will be divided into three categories, Drivers (Pro), Sim Racers (Silver) and General Public (Amateurs). The winners will be immediately transported from the virtual realm into reality with the chance to join Lamborghini Squadra Corse through the Lamborghini Youngster Program.

The first date for the SRO E-sport Gt series will be at Monza (12-14 April), before continuing at Paul Ricard (29 May – 1 June), Spa-Francorchamps (24-28 July) and Nurburgring (30 August – 1 September) and then concluding with the final at Barcelona from 27 to 29 September.

The four intermediate stages will see three semi-finals, one for each level, with a maximum of 12 virtual drivers taking part. The first category (Pro) is reserved for drivers invited by the organisers, the Silver category will see the 12 competitors who got the best times in the online qualifiers, while the Am category will feature the best 12 participants from the live qualifiers in the paddocks.

The best four drivers of the semi-final from each category will then take part in the last race, and whoever makes the podium will then go straight to Barcelona for the overall final, which will include the first three finishers from each stage in the program.

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